Friday, July 30, 2010

Merlot Natural Grape Seed Moisturizer

I think that everyone should be putting a moisturizer on their face or at least an eye moisturizer because it can help your skin heal. I've been using this moisturizer for quite some time now. In fact I am literally almost done so it was only right that I put up a review about it. It has anti-wrinkle in it which is perfect for any girl young or old. Its always great to start young to prevent future wrinkles. Its always better to prevent something than have it be there and try to get rid of it. It also has SPF 15 in it which is also essential for your face.

I put this on twice a day. I put it on after I wash my face in the morning and after I wash my face at night before i go to bed. I definitely love the smell. Its kind of floral. Its also non oily for those of you with oily skin. I have some oily spots on my face so this is the perfect moisturizer for that. It absorbs into my skin very quickly. I use this for my eyes as well which definitely has been working great. The funny thing about this product is that it claims that its fragrance free but it definitely does have a fragrance so I don"t know whats up with that. Haha.

This moisturizer was a definite ten for me. :-)


Dhalia said...

Does this come in SPF 30?

Adriana said...

Nope. Just SPF 15. Love your blog!! Im following. Follow me?

Shaurie said...

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