Monday, September 20, 2010

Makeup: My Foundation Routine

I recently got a new foundation that I wanted to talk about as well as tell you guys about a foundation that Ive been using that I love.

The foundation that Ive been using for awhile is "Revlon's Photo Ready" foundation. The shade I've been using is medium beige 006. This foundation has really been well worth the money. It literally hides every imperfection and stays on my face all day. Its really good in photos too (obviously by the name (-: ). What I really like is that its a pump so its a lot easier to control the amount you want. It has SPF 20 in it as well. I apply it with a foundation brush. Its up there with MAC foundations for sure.

The new foundation I bought 2 days ago was "Maybelline's Dream Smooth Mousse" foundation in 180 Nude Beige. I was very curious on how this mousse foundation would be like and let me tell you, I love it. Its in a compact and you apply it with this very soft sponge it comes with. Its very smooth. I cant get over how good it felt on my face. Its also gave me really good coverage as well. I was very pleased with it. It is definitely very hydrating. I would definitely be getting this again. I really want to try other products from this line. I own two of the mousse blushes and of course, I love those. Haha.

Im having trouble deciding which foundation I want to use for going out and which one I want to use for just going to my job. They are both equally as good. I really want to try MAC's foundations though to compare them to drugstore foundations. Which foundation do you guys use? 

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xoxoFashionLady said...

I don't use foudation, cuz I never find the perfect color for me, haha.
Good to read this! I will go look for this foundation!