Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quick Beauty Tips

Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. I've actually been addicted to tumblr. Haha. :-) But here are some quick beauty tips I'll share with you.

  1. Always put on lotion after taking a shower or bath. (Taking a shower takes away the moisture in your body so it's always good to replenish it with lotion.)
  2. Brush your hair out every night and put it in a bun so it wont tangle. (If you brush your hair out every night and put it in a bun so it won't tangle while you sleep, you'll wake up with nicely brushed and soft hair.)
  3. Night Creme and Day Creme are a must. (Day creme is great especially with an SPF to protect your skin during the day. Night Creme replenishes your skin during the night.)
  4. Eye Creme is a definite must for girls who wear eye makeup everyday. (I definitely need an eye creme to rejuvenate my eyes after wearing eye makeup everyday.)
  5. Mens deodorant is alot stronger than womens deodorant. FYI. Its a must have for me. (I need a strong deodorant and womens deodorant just doesn't do it for me.)

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