Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Skin Care

Something I've really loved using lately has been "Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula" lotion. My skin has never felt softer.

My boyfriend had bought me "Aveeno's Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion" and that worked really too.

I'd have to say the Cocoa Butter is way better though. First off, it has a chocolate bar scent and I love that. Who doesnt want to smell like chocolate? Second, it helps with stretch marks, scars, dry skin (of course), uneven skin tone, and aging skin. Thats why I'd have to say its #1 on my list. One thing I also like about it is it's helped me get a tan fast.

Second, would be Aveeno. Its very moisterizing as well. Only difference is it has Shea Butter and Oat Oil which is very good for skin irritation. So, I'd recommend Aveeno for people with sensitive skin. I also prefer my lotions to smell good but the one my boyfriend got me didnt have a smell... lol It still does the job nonetheless.

I put the Cocoa Butter on right when I wake up or after you take your shower and then right before I go to bed. My skin has never felt better. :-)

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Samantha said...

Nice! I use the Cocoa Butter one too. :] <3 Love this blog!