Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nail Polish

Ok, So I thought I'd share my nail polish collection. It consists of Elf Nails Polishes, OPI, China Glaze, Sally Hanson, and Sinful colors. I store them in glasses like that because I think its cute. And I can see them easily if I need to pick out a color. This is just an alternative before I get a nail rack. I have like 75 so I need one of those soon.

I dont really know how my nail polish obsession started but I do know that my boyfriend started me on OPI. He had bought me the Alice and Wonderland collection right before the movie came out. He's so sweet. :-) and ever since then, I cant pass up OPI. The brushes are just thick and the nail polish consistency is really good too. They last a long time on your nails.

But if your looking for cheaper, Sinful Colors is just as good. I love their big range of colors. Everytime I go to walgreens, I at least have to get like 3. lol

I paint my nails once a week just to keep up with them and file them. I realized they grow and look alot healthier that way. I switch the colors up everytime. Lately, Ive been really into Pastel colors. My nails are a light lavendar color at the moment and its called "Lucky Lucky Lavender." Im in love with it. lol and then on my thumbs is a pretty sky blue from Sally Hanson called "Blue Me Away." Isnt that a cute name?

My boyfriend just bought me it last night because I had once had it in my collection before but I lost it somehow. It bothered the crap out of me. lol So he surprised me by buying it again. Its a must have in my collection. lol

Pastels are in this summer not only on nails but for clothes and makeup. :-)

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