Wednesday, May 5, 2010

7 Day Detox Cleansing Program

So, Im trying this stuff out. Im curious of the outcome. My boyfriend has tried it and told me it makes him feel refreshed so Im interested in seeing how this works. Im alittle scared on how its going to make me feel. I hope it doesnt make me feel jittery or anything weird.

It was $30.00 at GNC and Im pretty sure it was on sale. I also got their Gold card because Im pretty sure Im going to be in there a couple more times. Im pretty confident I can stick to the Diet Plan and everything so we'll see. My boyfriend says I'll be tired of water after this week. lol You have to drink tons of water So thats all I'll be drinking besides my juice at meals.

So, Ill be back in a couple days to post how Im feeling and If anythings changed. :-)

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