Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring Perfume Routine

I usually use two different things. I use a body spray and then I put on a perfume thats an "Eau De Toilette" Spray. Thats usually alittle more expensive and those are usually alittle stronger in smell. I use two different things just because the body spray tends to wear off. I like to walk in a room or the car and being the one everyone can smell. I guess you can call that a "French Whore" right? I will proudly wear that name. lol

Currently, the body spray I use is by Victoria Secrets "PINK" and its a shimmering fragrance mist. It was limited edition that I got a while ago but I recommend body sprays from the "PINK" line. I love that it gives me shimmer on my neckline. Here's a description I found on a website.

"The exclusive Isle of Pink is just one spritz away with a light, sheer fragrance and a dose of all-over shimmer. Scented with a flirty blend of raspberry sorbet, iced tulip and vanilla bean. Domestic. Fragrance type: fruity floral Top notes: raspberry sorbet, pink currant, frozen mango, sugar apple, coconut water Middle note: iced tulip, heliotrope, freesia water, rose nectar Low notes: amber, cashmere musk, vanilla bean"

 They all smell good to me. Then, I put on Ralph Lauren's "Wild" Perfume. I smelled this and I had to get it. Its kind of a Sour Fruity smell. It has strawberry and watermelon in it so I think thats what drew me in. lol

These two put together smell so good. Its perfect for spring.

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