Monday, June 28, 2010

Two Faced Shadow Insurance/Favorite Summer Treat

I recently got "Two Faced Shadow Insurance" when I visited a beauty store in Kansas City. I've seen reviews on videos and beauty gurus trying it, so it was only matter of time before I had to try it too. Eye primers I had used before were the infamous "Urban Decay Primer Potion" and "Almay's Eye Brightener Eye Base+Concealer." Those both worked really well. If you're on a budget I'd use the Almay's one. It works just as well.

Now, I'm sure we all know what an Eye Primer is, but just in case, its pretty much a concealer for your eyelid. Our eyelid skin is very thin so you can sometimes see veins and some people like to hide that. Its also helps eye-shadows stay longer and appear more pigmented. It also prevents your eye-shadows from creasing. Our skin produces natural oil so that makes the eye-shadows crease.

I've used this product for about a month now, and I do prefer it over the other two I mentioned. I have noticed quite the difference in the way my eye-shadows appear. But I can honestly say, that the other two work just as well. So, I'm thinking that after this runs out, I'd be perfectly fine with using the Almay drugstore brand. I do think that Eye Primer is essential before putting on eye-shadows. You'll definitely see the difference.

Now off topic from anything beauty, do you guys have a summer food/drink obsession? Mine has definitely been icees. I have craved one everyday this summer. Not saying I've gotten one everyday. Haha. But just stepping out into the hot sun makes me crave one! I love the coke flavor the best. Let me know what yours is. :-)

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Christine Ngo said...

I have been drinking icees like nothing too!!