Friday, June 18, 2010

Current Shampoo/Conditioner for Summer

The Shampoo/Conditioner that I am currently using is "Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo/Conditioner" by Organix. I had first heard about this from a youtube video. (Of Course). Im obsessed with those because they can give you some really good information on a product before you buy it.

In the summer I am obsessed with the smell of coconuts. Everything from perfume to lotion. Something about it just reminds me of the ocean and the islands.. So it was only natural I would try this out. First off, the smell of these are to die for. Second, they are completely organic for those of you that care about that kind of stuff. :-) Third, they are sulfate and paraben free for anyone who cares about that as well. :-)

They are very creamy and it really does hydrate and soften my hair. One of my only things about it is the bottles are kind of small for me... My hair is long and very very thick so the small bottles aren't really cutting it for me. Another thing is that im in love with the smell of the shampoo... but the conditioner smells very sweet. Almost like coconut icing.. Its alittle too sweet for me.. So, im not very crazy about the conditioner's smell.

But other than that, it is the absolute perfect shampoo/conditioner for summer for me. "It's like a trip to the tropics in a bottle." (Thats the description on the bottle.) :-)  One last thing is that the bottles are eco-friendly. Always a good thing right? BTW, never buy a shampoo/conditioner solely on the smell... read reviews for it before you buy it. They can always smell good but not be good for your hair at all. :-)


Chelsea Elizabeth said...

i have been obsessed with cocunut smelling things as well! the perfect summer scent. :)

<3chelsea elizabeth

BRITTANY said...

OMG I love the Pomegranate one!!! TRY IT - it smells delish :)
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