Thursday, July 15, 2010

Current Nail Polish: OPI Summer Flutter Minis

Im writing this blog kind of late at night only because 1) I cant sleep and 2) I wont have time to do it tomorrow. :-) I got these nail polishes at the beginning of summer. I fell in love with "Catch Me in Your Net" when I saw it and I initially wanted this color only in the full size bottle. The Trade Secret store I was at only had it in the Mini Kit so I got the entire thing instead. Which Im totally fine with because I got to try the other colors as well. I have that color on my toes and I just love it! It reminds me of a glittery mermaid color. I personally think its a definite must have in a girls nail polish collection. On my fingernails I have the color "Wing It" which is a pretty shimmery fuchsia. I've had the "Flit a Bit" color on my nails before which is an orange color and I like that one as well. The only one I unfortunately havent worn yet is the "Flower-to-Flower" color but Im sure that Hot Pink color is absolutely gorgeous. (Sorry I accidentally covered it up with my nails!)  I've never tried the Mini Kits from OPI before and I have to say that I actually might prefer that rather than the bigger bottles. For some reason, It was alot easier for me to apply them to my nails and its cheaper. The Mini Kit with four nail polishes was only 12.50. Thats a pretty good price right? :-)

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cute nail polish - i love it(: and thanks for following me! i'll return the favor definitely [: