Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Personal Life: The Love of My Life

I decided to get alittle personal tonight.. & of course talk about the love of my life. Haha. He is the first guy I've ever truly loved. He is my best friend, my everything.  I've been with him for a year and four months now with our anniversary being on every 1st of the month. We got together March 1, 2009. He's been the person I tell everything to. The one I tell every little secret to. He shops with me, goes everywhere with me. :-) He puts up with my bratty times and moods as I do for him.. Haha.  We fight and we're both not perfect but we always make it through. I love how he's always supportive of everything I do. I love how he's the only one I'll ever need.  Im sure you guys have all heard that a million times right? :-) The top picture is a current picture and the bottom one is the very first picture we took together as a couple. Haha. We look so young!


cv_medina1983 said...

Hi Adriana,

I really like your personal pics.

Anonymous said...

Cute! :) Me and my boyfriend just broke up a few weeks ago, you're really lucky to have someone to love.