Sunday, May 23, 2010

Face Masks

Face Masks are something I absolutely love. Its something I've collected over so many years. I have so many different kinds from chocolate to actual mud masks. lol

I wear a face mask twice a week. I usually try and put them on Wednesday or Thursday night and then Sunday night or morning. Its something actually good for you to do for your skin because it can actually renew your skin and regenerate it. They are perfect for if your feeling stressed or if your skin is breaking out.

My favorites right now is my chocolate one by the brand "Montagne Jennesse". Its really good for anti-stress and its very moisturizing. I typically like to wear this one when my face is really dry and I have breakouts. It cures the problem right up for me the next morning and it just smells delicious and smells so good! I love it. I found this at my local grocery store and Walgreens. They also have different kinds as well. :-)

My next favorite is my "Mud Pack Masque" by "Queen Helene". I first of all love Queen Helene products. Now, this mask definitly doesnt smell very nice.. lol but it definitly does the job and is so hydrating. I typically like to use this one if I have pretty bad breakouts. It really fixes the problem fast. I got this one at Sallys Beauty Supply. It was 5.29.

Lastly, I love love love! the "Mint Julep Masque" by Queen Helene. Its smells exactly like mint! This is also very hydrating and good for breakouts but I typically use this mask for spot treatments. If I see a pimple coming up, I just put a dab of this on there, sleep with it overnight, and its gone by morning. Its also really good if you have blackheads around your nose because you can dab this stuff on there and by morning they are gone for me. I got this at Walgreens and I actually go to get two of them because it was a buy one get one free deal so they're both lasting me awhile. :-)

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