Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nivea's Lip Balms

I Love Love Love these! I had first heard about them on a Makeup youtube video that I love watching. lol So, I had to try it. I went to target and got the "Kiss of Smoothness" hydrating lip care SPF 4. Its the light blue one. The girl in the youtube video had the dark blue one so I was determined to try that one too. lol

I looked at target and walmart and couldnt find it. My boyfriend found it for me and found it at our local Dillons. Its called, "A Kiss of Moisture Essential Lip Care". So, those are the only two I've owned. First, what I really love is how they smell. They have this nice clean smell to them. Second, I Just love how smooth they are and feel on your lips.

I know from my experience with chapsticks they can get kind of rough feeling. Also, Im allergic to something in chapsticks. I dont know what it is. lol But yea, i dont get that with these. I actually ended up giving my boyfriend the dark blue one because he didnt have one at the time and I wanted the light blue one because it has spf and thats super good to have on your lips in the summer especially for the sun exposure. There is also way more of these lips balms on the Nivea website. http://www.nivea.com/subbrands/show/11 I will definitely be getting more from this line. :-)  So, yea, just thought I'd share the lip balm im currently loving. :-)

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