Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lipstick Obsession!

Lately, I've been obsessed with lipsticks. I never really liked them before. I used to always associate them to be for older women. My first one was a Jemma Kidd Lipstick that I got from Target. It was a nude so I played it safe. My second one I got from the MAC counter. I played it safe and told the MAC guy I wore nudes on my lips and he gave me a lipstick called "Viva Glam V." And of course, I couldnt leave without the "Viva Glam Gaga" that Lady Gaga has.

That pretty much sparked it. I got 3 more from Revlons new line of lipsticks so total I have 8 lipsticks. It'll only grow from here. I only wear light colors. I wear pinks and nudes and browns and corals. I havent gone too into the reds. I got a burgundy color today that I really like from Revlon called "Mauve."

Over my lipsticks, If I do want them glossy, the lipgloss that I put over them right now, is my lustreglass lipgloss from MAC called "Love Nectar". Its a clear gloss so it can go over any lip color.

The one I use the most would be my "Viva Glam Gaga" lipstick. Its a pretty candy pink. I love it on my lips. I never wore anything like it before. & Im sure you can guess who loves it... lol

Lastly, I just want to talk about how much I LOVE MAC's Lipsticks. First, they smell so good!! Drugstore lipsticks have no smell. They almost smell plastic. If anybody knows of any drugstore lipstick that smells good, please let me know, because I havent found one yet. Second, I just love how glossy and moisturizing it is. You really dont need to wear a lipgloss with them if you didnt want to.

Alright, thats it for my new lipstick obsession. Next month, it'll be something else. lol

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Jan Wicked said...

Viva Glam V is the ONLY thing I will put on my lips. Always trust your MAC guy! I'll have to check out the Gaga...I love her! Check out my blog and follow me.