Monday, August 23, 2010

My Current Obsession: Movies

So, I moved into a new apartment and we dont have cable! Oh No! Haha. Its actually fine. I've been obsessed with popping in movies. Me and my boyfriend have literally been renting, buying, and watching old movies we used to love. We've even been watching the  "Heroes" season on DVD that my boyfriend borrowed from a friend. We're on season 2 and I love that show. I cant believe I didn't watch it when it originally aired.

I've recently seen "The Losers" which I really liked. I saw the ratings for it and people kind of critiqued it kind of bad, but I actually liked it. One of my favorite movies is "Baby Mama". Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are so funny in that movie. I liked "Cop Out". That was a pretty funny movie as well.

One I didn't like that I saw recently was "Hot Tub Time Machine". Ugh. LAME. Haha. My boyfriend tried to get me to watch "A Knights Tale" with Heath Ledger but I just couldn't get into it. The types of movies I'm into are the Disney Classics. I love Disney. I've seen every single Disney movie. I'm also into comedy's but not the kinds that incorporate weed and naked girls... ugh.. My boyfriend loves those kinds of movies and it just makes me mad... haha. Let me know what you guy's favorite movies are. Give me some suggestions! I need more movie choices. Haha. I have so many favorite movies I wouldn't be able to list them! :-)

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